How to Hire a Good Roofer A solid, waterproof roof is an indispensable yet costly part of our home – all the more reason to choose a reputable roofer to install as well as maintain one for us. Here are tips that help you search for the best roofer in your area: Seeking Referrals A referral from a neighbor is a nice way to find a good roofer, because it’s likely that they are using the same or a similar roofing. Internet reviews for local roofers must also be considered, specifically those who have had the same roofing project you prefer.
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Also check with roofing contractor national association. Member contractors are subjected to strict vetting procedures before being accepted and are also checked every certain number of years. They are required to follow safety and health legislation, get the right public, employers’ and third party insurance coverage, and operate according to the association’s code of practice and reginal/national standards. Getting Quotes
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You must contact no less than three roofers rather than just one. A roofer may give you a quote for a simple project – for example, replacing missing or broken tiles and cleaning gutters – but will most probably want to come and see the site personally. Roofing is a business in which you may be given with estimates rather than quotes. This is because the contractor may not be able to determine the roof sub-structure condition until the external slates or tiles are removed. In any case, get estimates or quotes in writing and be sure that they include the cost of materials and labor. Be careful of roofing contractors with cash or VAT-free offers. As well, don’t automatically pick the roofer with the lowest estimate. Review online testimonials or customer references and take into consideration the survey’s quality, the referrals provided and the sense of confidence you pick up as you learn about the roofer. It is good to talk to the contractor for questions about anything on the quote, or perhaps to ask for the reasons one contractor is recommending something that the others aren’t, or simply why one contractor is less expensive than the rest. Hiring a Roofing Contractor Before any of the work commences, you have to see evidence of suitable insurance. If your project involves a new roof, or an overhaul of your current roof, you must ask for a guarantee. Roofers must also give you a written contract of works for bigger jobs. This should cover all details, like unforeseen extra charges, penalties for work finished beyond deadline, workdays and work hours, materials, supply and guarantees, garbage disposal and costs (if any) and what happens if you find work unsatisfactory. Paying the Roofer You should agree on a schedule for payments before you have them start the work. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for an installment upfront, especially for a larger project. However, the last installment must only be paid if you are sure that you are happy with the results, and all the necessary paperwork is in order.

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