Determining Your Pregnancy Conception Date Usually, a woman is able to get pregnant for about five days of each month during the ovulation process. Conception is when the egg and the sperm cell meet in a woman during the ovulation process. For instance, if sex happens three days before the woman ovulates, then the conception date will be the day the woman ovulates and not the day when she had sex. Women can detect ovulation since there is a change in secretion from their cervix. Changes in body temperature can also be used by women to detect ovulation. Usually, conception in a lady who has regular menses, can occur in a period of between eleven to twenty-one days after the first day of her last period. Most ladies may not know exactly the conception date as it is usually hard to know when ovulation may have occurred. Therefore, most of them end up doing estimates on when their conception date could have been. Women who choose to undergo special procedures such as artificial insemination tend to know when exactly their conception date was. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed by using a lady’s last date of her menstrual period to determine the conception date. The most definite idea a lady may use in knowing her conception date is knowing the actual date of her last ovulation. There are high chances of the egg getting fertilized if the sperm cell stays alive in the fallopian tube. Therefore, conception can be defined as the fertilization of an egg by a sperm cell. In the first week after fertilization, the human blastocyst is prepared for its new environs which are rich in nutrients. Pregnancy conception date can be tested by use of a pregnancy conception calculator. Pregnancy conception date can be determined by the pregnancy conception calculator by use of the first day of the last menstrual cycle. To determine the pregnancy conception date or even the delivery date, women can use the pregnancy conception calculator. However, we can say that the tool may not be 100% accurate in determining the conception date.
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Conception dates may differ from one woman to another. For instance, different results may be found when a lady uses a pregnancy conception calculator and then also uses an ultrasound device to confirm her conception date. This is due to the fact that pregnancy conception calculator use a different scale from that of the ultrasound device. The scale used by the ultrasound device is based on the foetus size whereas the scale used by the conception calculator is based on the last day of a woman’s menstrual cycle
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Clearly as we have seen from the above, the ultrasound device and the pregnancy calculation calculator are the two chief ways a woman can use to determine her conception date. It is, however, important to exercise caution in making a choice between the two methods given the fact that accuracy levels are different for each.

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