Plantar Fasciitis: A Guide Inflammation of the fibrous tendon tissue that causes pain is known as plantar fasciitis. The fibrous tissue tendon serves as a link between the heels and the toe. The tissue aids shock absorption on the foot and is also known as the plantar fascia. Flat feet and inward pointing knees are some of the causes of the swelling due to uneven weight distribution of body weight on the foot leading to wrong walking patterns. The type of shoes also plays a role in the development of the disorder. Protection of the foot is hindered when using thin-soled and loose shoes are worn. The tissues can also be stressed through repeated wearing of high heels that shortens the tendon. Sudden addition of weight leads to stressing of the foot which leads to inflammation of the tissue. If you happen to feel acute pain when you make your first step to walk after sitting then you could be suffering from plantar fasciitis. When you walk for quite some time the pain increases and intensifies further when you stand for a long time. The pain also disappears when you are exercising and starts immediately you stop. When you notice the above symptoms then you should see your doctor for clarification through x-rays before you start the treatment.
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Here are some of the methods of treatment of plantar fasciitis. The surest way to cure plantar fasciitis is through the use of night splints. Night splints stretches the foot at night while you sleep releasing pressure on the foot tissue tendon. The discomfort caused by the night splints is the reason why majority of patients do not prefer its use as a cure method.
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Inappropriate footwear being one of the causes then another way to help the situation is putting on good footwear. Appropriate shoes absorbs shock when you hit the ground while walking thereby reducing the impact felt by the tendon. Instead of buying new footwear you can use different insoles on you footwear that will help in managing the problem. The inner soles should be soft enough to reduce the stress felt by the tendon. Massaging of the foot is also another way to cure plantar fasciitis. The massage should be concentrated around the ankle. Plantar fasciitis is curable also through simple home exercises that will ensure that the tendon of your foot is restored. It will only take a week for you to start feeling relief. Since it is a difficult situation to live with you should ensure that you cure it as soon as possible.

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